How to protect your eyes from monitor screen

Hello Guys, Today I will tell you how to protect your eyes from the monitor screen. If you spend a large amount of time looking at your computer screen, then it definitely help you and check out. So today I have brought a software for you that will completely protect your eyes.

It is a cross-platform computer program that adjusts a display's color temperature according to location and time of day, offering functional respite for the eyes. The program is designed to reduce eye strain during night-time use, helping to reduce disruption of sleep patterns.

It  works by calculating the approximate sunset time for your location. and it  is very easy to navigate and configure in a few clicks.It is user friendly application and freeware.

Click here to download this software.

After downloading it, just  install it and will automatically detect location using  map locations.If fail,just type the zip code/postal code according to your wish.

After that you set it to  on setting according to wish.I recommend you to set 3700 K, it will be better for standard operation
Freak Tech
Freak Tech

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